We offer a range of outside catering services for all kinds of functions. A Wedding anniversary, a significant birthday, a family get together, a group celebration? We have carefully thought out all of Wilf’s Buffet Menus to give a balance that caters for a variety of diets and is visually (and actually) very appetising! If, however, these don’t quite fit the bill we are happy to quote for a bespoke buffet. Do you want to hire the Café, food for your own venue, or Ready Meals? Check under the different headings for details & menus.

catering faq

When is the earliest we can have the Café?
6.30pm – As we close at 5pm this gives us time to clean the Café after the days customers.
Can we decorate / personalise the Café?
Yes – From 6pm, as long as you take everything down by the time you leave, but please don’t cover any lights with coloured paper. If our staff have to take down decorations you will be charged for their extra time.
Can we have real candles?
No – We have some very realistic flickering electric night-lights you are welcome to use in your own holders or ours with no fire risk.
What time do we have to leave by?
Midnight PROMPT or you will be charged.
How many can you seat?
As they are configured for the daytime : Upstairs, lefthand room – 46 Upstairs, righthand room – 32 Downstairs, middle – 33 Downstairs, back – 17 + Sofas – 8 – If you are having a ‘sit down’ meal the numbers may be less if you require a particular table arrangement – If you are having a buffet some space will be taken up with this but not everybody has to have a seat.
Is there any where we can’t use?
Yes – Anywhere behind the counter & beyond into the kitchen. Also please respect our displays, stock left out & cupboard space. Damage & losses will be billed. On winter / wet days it may not be practical to use the decking/balcony area.
Can we bring our own alcohol?
Yes – We do not have a license, so you can’t then sell it to your group but it We can provide glasses for wine & tumblers but we don’t have beer glasses.
If we book the Beer Hall as well as the Café can we bring our own alcohol into the Café?
No – all alcohol related questions would have to be asked of the Beer Hall.
Can we bring our own food?
No – except for a celebratory cake.
If we bring our own cake, can you cut it up for us?
Yes – At no extra cost we can cut it up & present it on a platter with serviettes. Serving &/or plates is extra.
Do you do childrens portions?
No, we ask you to work out how many adult size portions the children in your party will eat & include them in the number, we will put out extra plates. A childrens menu can be supplied if required.
Can we order less food than the number of guests expected
No (apart from the previous question) Our reputation goes with the food & we would be blamed if your guests were left short.
Do you provide table cloths?
No but you’re welcome to bring your own.
Why are the prices more expensive in the Café for the same buffet?
We have to pay VAT on any buffet in the Café and as standard we include china crockery, metal cutlery & staff to clear plates.
Can you provide hot food away from the Café?
Yes but only if there is a catering quality kitchen available for our use, free of charge. As there are extra costs involved we can give you a bespoke quote after discussing your catering needs.
Will you deliver outside your ‘free’ area?
Yes. The extra cost will depend on the size of the buffet (delivery maybe free on a large booking), distance & time taken.